Claim to Fame

Claim to Fame Author Margaret Peterson Haddix
ISBN-10 9781416939184
Year 2010-11-02
Pages 272
Language en
Publisher Simon and Schuster

Lindsay, a former child star who suffered a nervous breakdown after developing the ability to hear what anyone says about her, comes to see this as an asset when, after her father's death, she learns that she is not alone.

Claims to Fame

Claims to Fame Author Joshua Gamson
ISBN-10 0520914155
Year 1994-03-02
Pages 270
Language en
Publisher Univ of California Press

Moving from People magazine to publicists' offices to tours of stars' homes, Joshua Gamson investigates the larger-than-life terrain of American celebrity culture. In the first major academic work since the early 1940s to seriously analyze the meaning of fame in American life, Gamson begins with the often-heard criticisms that today's heroes have been replaced by pseudoheroes, that notoriety has become detached from merit. He draws on literary and sociological theory, as well as interviews with celebrity-industry workers, to untangle the paradoxical nature of an American popular culture that is both obsessively invested in glamour and fantasy yet also aware of celebrity's transparency and commercialism. Gamson examines the contemporary "dream machine" that publicists, tabloid newspapers, journalists, and TV interviewers use to create semi-fictional icons. He finds that celebrity watchers, for whom spotting celebrities becomes a spectator sport akin to watching football or fireworks, glean their own rewards in a game that turns as often on playing with inauthenticity as on identifying with stars. Gamson also looks at the "celebritization" of politics and the complex questions it poses regarding image and reality. He makes clear that to understand American public culture, we must understand that strange, ubiquitous phenomenon, celebrity.

The Fame of Gawa

The Fame of Gawa Author Nancy D. Munn
ISBN-10 0822312700
Year 1992
Pages 331
Language en
Publisher Duke University Press

This new edition of the critically acclaimed The Fame of Gawa—originally published in 1986—makes available for the first time this important work in paperback. The Fame of Gawa is concerned with fundamental practices of value creation on Gawa, a small island off the southeast coast of mainland Papua New Guinea, the inhabitants of which participate in the long-distance kula shell exchange ring. Integrating various aspects of the study of society and culture--including the sociocultural construction of space and time, self-other relations and the body, and moral and political problems of hierarchy and equality—Nancy D. Munn shows that it is through achieving fame in the wider inter-island world that the Gawan community asserts its own internal viablity.

Lust for Fame

Lust for Fame Author Gordon Samples
ISBN-10 0786405864
Year 1982-12-01
Pages 256
Language en
Publisher McFarland

The first book on Booth's ten tumultuous years on the stage, with a wealth of rare period illustrations reproduced with special techniques yielding results of better quality than the originals. The book evaluates his performances through newspaper reviews and the recorded opinions of his contemporaries; it also separates Booth the actor from Booth the assassin. Previously unpublished letters are included, some in facsimile. John Wilkes' famous brother Edwin was not necessarily the leading actor of his era: this book indicates why John Wilkes Booth might claim that distinction. One of the appendices is an exhaustive chronology of all his performances, and all fellow cast members.

Celebrity and Power

Celebrity and Power Author P. David Marshall
ISBN-10 0816627258
Year 1997
Pages 290
Language en
Publisher U of Minnesota Press

The celebrity is an ambiguous figure in contemporary culture. Simultaneously celebrated and denigrated, stars represent not only the embodiment of success, but also the ultimate construction of false value. They are a peculiar form of public subjectivity that negotiates the tension between a democratic culture of access and a consumer capitalist culture of excess. Celebrity and Power examines this dynamic, questioning the cultural forces behind our need to become endlessly embroiled with the construction and collapse of celebrities.Through detailed analysis of figures from Tom Cruise to Oprah Winfrey to the commercial pop music sensation New Kids on the Block, author and cultural critic P. David Marshall investigates the general public’s desire to associate with celebrity. He examines various kinds of stars, questioning the needs each type fulfills in our lives and relating these needs to particular entertainment media. Marshall asks why enigmatic, distant stars populate the silver screen while television constructs approachable “everyman” figures and popular music features audience-identified celebrity personalities. He looks at the significance of stars who amass cultlike followings as well as those who appear to prompt outright rejection.Celebrity and Power identifies the forces that have enveloped the development of democratic culture and their partial resolution through a redefined public sphere populated by celebrities. Marshall argues that the new concern with the masses that characterizes modern capitalism promotes figures who can be seen as part of the crowd but who are articulated as individuals. As such, they provide a model of self-differentiation that furthers an economy in which product consumption is thought to bestow individualism and personality.Bridging the fields of media studies, film studies, communications, and popular culture, Marshall’s volume is a unique resource for students and researchers in all of these disciplines as well as for the general reader.P. David Marshall is director of the Media and Cultural Studies Centre in the Department of English, University of Queensland in Australia.

The Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame

The Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame Author Greg Oliver
ISBN-10 9781554902842
Year 2010-11-16
Pages 300
Language en
Publisher ECW Press

From the critically acclaimed authors of The Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame: The Tag Teams comes the most comprehensive look ever at the colourful villains, heels, bad guys and rule breakers who give professional wrestling so much of its character. In The Pro.

An Odd Kind of Fame

An Odd Kind of Fame Author Malcolm Macmillan
ISBN-10 0262632594
Year 2002
Pages 562
Language en
Publisher MIT Press

The true story of the first case to reveal the relation between the brain and complex personality characteristics.

Candidates for Fame

 Candidates for Fame Author Matthew Hargraves
ISBN-10 0300110049
Year 2005
Pages 244
Language en
Publisher Yale University Press

In 1760 an innovation transformed the character of artistic life in Britain: the first public exhibition of art. A dispute split exhibitors into rival groups, among them the Society of Artists of Great Britain. This work examines the Society and looks at the politics and personalities behind the exibitions.

From Maryland to Cooperstown

From Maryland to Cooperstown Author Lois Nicholson
ISBN-10 0870334948
Year 1998
Pages 144
Language en
Publisher Cornell Maritime Press

Chronicles the lives and careers of seven native-born Marylanders who are enshrined in the National Baseball Hall of Fame: Babe Ruth, Vic Willis, Frank Baker, Judy Johnson, Lefty Grove, Jimmie Foxx, and Al Kaline.

Chaucer s House of Fame

Chaucer s House of Fame Author Sheila Delany
ISBN-10 0813012597
Year 1972
Pages 134
Language en
Publisher University Press of Florida

On its original publication this classic title made sense of a difficult poem for the first time and brought that poem to the center of a concern with the nature of tradition, textuality, and language that is current today. The book forces late-medieval philosophy out of the closet and into a relation with literature, and it validates the use of contemporary methods and sensibility in literary criticism. In Sheila Delany's view, House of Fame portrays the ambiguity of old or new communication, with skeptical fideism as the means of transcending ambiguity.


Fame Author Karen Kingsbury
ISBN-10 1414341377
Year 2011-11-15
Pages 368
Language en
Publisher Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.

Hollywood hunk Dayne Matthews persuades his casting agent to hire an unknown woman from Bloomington, Indiana to co-star in his new romantic comedy.