National Garden Book

National Garden Book Author Sunset Books
ISBN-10 0376038608
Year 1997
Pages 656
Language en
Publisher Sunset Publishing Company

Lists over 6,000 plants and gives climate zones, planting and care hints, and advice on garden landscaping

Dead by Sunset

Dead by Sunset Author Ann Rule
ISBN-10 9780743202770
Year 2000-02-15
Pages 432
Language en
Publisher Simon and Schuster

The author of eight New York Times bestsellers, Ann Rule first won nationwide acclaim with The Stranger Beside Me, about serial killer Ted Bundy. Her Crime Files volumes, based on fascinating case histories, have assured her reputation as our premier chronicler of crime. Now the former Seattle policewoman brings us the horrific account of a charismatic man adored by beautiful and brilliant women who always gave him what he, money, their very lives.... When attorney Cheryl Keeton's brutally bludgeoned body was found in her van in the fast lane of an Oregon freeway, her husband, Brad Cunningham, was the likely suspect. But there was no solid evidence linking him to the crime. He married again, for the fifth time, and his stunning new wife, a physician named Sara, adopted his three sons. They all settled down to family life on a luxurious estate. But gradually, their marriage became a nightmare.... In this gripping account of Cheryl's murder, Ann Rule takes us from Brad's troubled boyhood to one of the most bizarre trials in legal history, uncovering multiple marriages, financial manipulations, infidelities, and monstrous acts of harassment and revenge along the way. Dead By Sunset is Ann Rule at her riveting best.

West of Sunset

West of Sunset Author Stewart O'Nan
ISBN-10 9781925575569
Year 2017-01-01
Language en
Publisher Atlantic Books

In 1937, F. Scott Fitzgerald was a troubled, uncertain man whose literary success was long behind him. In poor health, with his wife consigned to a mental asylum and his finances in ruin, he struggled to make a new start as a screenwriter in Hollywood. With flashbacks to key moments from Fitzgerald's past, the story follows him as he arrives on the MGM lot, falls in love with brassy gossip columnist Sheilah Graham, begins work on The Last Tycoon, and tries to maintain a semblance of family life with the absent Zelda and their daughter, Scottie. Written with striking grace and subtlety, this wise and intimate portrait of a man trying his best to hold together a world that's flying apart, if not gone already, is an American masterpiece.


Sunset Author Glen Onley
ISBN-10 9780865343801
Year 2003-01
Pages 348
Language en
Publisher Sunstone Press

Thirteen-year-old Everett stares as his father, found guilty of murder, plunges through the trap door. Believing his father innocent and Wiley Stuart guilty, Everett hunts down the outlaw, but Deputy Marshal Ben Williams wrests away the prisoner and denies Everett all hope of clearing his father.


Sunset Author Douglas Reeman
ISBN-10 9781409069904
Year 2010-04-27
Pages 288
Language en
Publisher Random House

Enthralling navel fiction by Douglas Reeman; he has also written over twenty bestselling novels featuring Richard Bolitho, under the pseudonym Alexander Kent. 1941 To the residents and defence forces of the Crown Colony of Hong Kong, th war in Europe remains remote. Even the massive build-up of Japanese forces on the Chinese border cannot dent their carefree optimism. Yet one man suspects the truth. Lieutenant-Commander Esmond Brooke, captain of HMS Serpent and a veteran of the cruel Atlantic, sees all too clearly the folly and incometence of Hong Kong's colonial administration. To Brooke, attack by Japan seemsinevitable. But, in war, there will always be some who attempt the impossible, even in the face of death. This is the story of one ship and her company who refuse to accept the anguish of defeat and surrender to a merciless enemy...


Succulents Author The Editors of Sunset
ISBN-10 9780848751753
Year 2017-01-31
Pages 96
Language en
Publisher Time Inc. Books

Inspiring, practical and richly photographed, this comprehensive guide offers creative ideas and DIY projects using beautiful low-maintenance, water-wise plants. Succulents are the ultimate easy-care plant: versatile, effortless to grow both indoors and outdoors, and drought tolerant. From Aloe and Agaves, to Senecio and Taciveria, this handbook by leading garden expert Robin Stockwell highlights 200 of the easiest, most useful, and gorgeous plants, and shares advice on care and cultivation. Readers will find inspiration for imaginative and exciting new ways to use succulents in striking garden designs, containers, vertical walls, and indoor arrangements, as well as step-by-step projects, such as living bouquets and terrarium ornaments. This is the essential reference for landscapers, home gardeners, and anyone looking for a thorough introduction to the perfect plant for modern times.

The British Empire

The British Empire Author Philippa Levine
ISBN-10 9781317860860
Year 2013-11-04
Pages 312
Language en
Publisher Routledge

This is a broad survey of the history of the British Empire from its beginnings to its demise. It offers a comprehensive analysis not just of political events and territorial conquests but paints a picture of what life was like under colonial rule, both for those who ruled and for those whose countries came under British authority. There has been a lively debate in recent years about whether empires generally are good or bad things, and the British Empire has been very much at the centre of that debate, with a number of voices arguing that it was a kinder, gentler Empire than its rivals. This book speaks specifically to that debate, and also to a second and equally vigorous debate about whether anyone in Britain actually cared about the possession of an Empire.

Fiesta of Sunset

Fiesta of Sunset Author Taylor Dibbert
ISBN-10 9781450272230
Year 2011-02-15
Pages 208
Language en
Publisher iUniverse

“A recollection of memories that can only be understood through the imperfection of time ... a memoir about learning, being wrong just as many times as right, and growing as a constant process. A piece of life in words ... a revealing, honest work.” — Celia Peris-Peris, PhD Men who voted for George W. Bush don’t fit the mold of your typical Peace Corps volunteer. But Taylor Dibbert isn’t your typical anything. Born and raised in Dallas, Dibbert lived far away from the third world countries he saw on the news. Yet something called to him, and so from 2006–2008, Dibbert lived in a small, indigenous village in Guatemala, after unpredictably joining the Peace Corps. Fiesta of Sunset tells not only of the adventures of a far off land; it also provides a closer look into the back alleys and sad streets of a country struggling with poverty, corruption, crime and more. Some of the mysterious and romantic stereotypes of the Peace Corps are set to rest in this engaging example of one young American’s experience abroad and how, while there, he began to learn how mistakes often pave the path to understanding. Ultimately the Peace Corps is about empowerment, helping the world’s poor help themselves. But there’s something more that JFK left out of his groundbreaking Peace Corps speech. Personal growth lies at the heart of the volunteer experience. As the Peace Corps celebrates its historic 50th anniversary, this uniquely compelling book reminds us that the organization’s mission is more relevant now than ever.

Garden Pools Fountains

Garden Pools   Fountains Author Edward Claflin
ISBN-10 0897211499
Year 1988
Pages 112
Language en
Publisher Ortho Books

Easy step-by-step instructions for installing inexpensive garden pools, natural-looking waterfall or a fountain spray.

Under the Sunset

Under the Sunset Author Bram Stoker
ISBN-10 9781329025721
Year 2015-03-29
Pages 138
Language en

Far, far away, there is a beautiful Country which no human eye has ever seen in waking hours. Under the Sunset it lies, where the distant horizon bounds the day, and where the clouds, splendid with light and color, give a promise of the glory and beauty that encompass it. Sometimes it is given to us to see it in dreams. This Country is the Land Under the Sunset. This is the story of that Country, and what happened when evil came to abide there. It is a story all of us must hear.

The Isles of Sunset

The Isles of Sunset Author Arthur Christopher Benson
ISBN-10 9781421824192
Year 2006-11-01
Pages 144
Language en
Publisher 1st World Publishing

About midway between the two horns of the bay, the Isles of Sunset pierced the sea. There was deep blue water all around them, and the sharp and fretted pinnacles of rock rose steeply up to heaven. The top of the largest was blunt, and covered with a litt

Vespers at Sunset

Vespers at Sunset Author Thomas Porky McDonald
ISBN-10 9781452042657
Year 2010-10
Pages 384
Language en
Publisher AuthorHouse

The sixth collection of poetry to be released by Thomas Porky McDonald, Vespers at Sunset: Poems 2005-200 7 sees the poet alternately reaching back and looking forward, with the usual five-book format along For The ride. Up first is the Fat Parrot Diaries, a volume which contains a number of reflective pieces, like "Deuce" and "47," about Frank Brady, a friend whom McDonald has alluded to often in the past. The passing of Civil Rights icon Rosa Parks inspired the impassioned verse "The Buses Won't Be Running in Heaven Tonight" And The growing specter of aging exballplayers spurred the longing ode "As Those Years Deplete the Roster." Diaries is complemented by its immediately succeeding set, Drfling Shadows, whose title piece contains lasting images also seen in both "Lookin' Out Mikey's Window" and "A Vision of Kirby," written for an old friend and a baseball icon, respectively. The present is even more in evidence in Shadows, with a country visit ("At Lackawanna," and "The Life Goes on and On") and a Midwest trip ("The Guy From Midwood," "The Other Side of the Street") supplying the muse. In the Alley brings the poet back to New York, As the day-to-day ("The Room That Con Ed Missed"), The great beyond ("Till the Canyons Evolving Are Done") And The most evil day of all ("At 8:45") each pitch a tent. As always, baseball is well represented, with the city of Baltimore ("Legends House," "Ripken County") providing the latest stop on the tour. Alley also contains thoughts of impending doom ("A Feeling, As Yet Unknown") and Eternal gratefulness ("Those Who Set You Free"), balanced by a seminal classic ("A Time"). The final two books of Vespers are Frankie Rules, a book centered on the memory of Brady ("Frankie's Cure," "Frankie's Sport," Frankie's Heart And The title piece), and Old Phenoms, where the soon to be razed Shea Stadium ("The Space Beyond 1' Street," "Queries to an Usher on Doomsday") stands astride a pair of more personal farewells ("The Bond of the Eternal Souls," "The Window on the Second Floor"). Another representative collection from the kid from Queens.